Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sun, Sweat, and Sibling Rivalry

How's everyone holding up this summer? Hot enough for you? It must be so hot that these professional wrestlers decided to go outdoors in their ring gear, making some fans and passers-by very happy (they were actually doing a photo shoot).
It's so hot that you must be sweating like Johnny Curtis in this file photo taken by regular contributor and good friend of this blog, David. 

It's so hot that you're probably wearing a tank top like this guy on the right (not sure if he's a wrestler, but the one on the the left looks like he is).
Photo courtesy of Florida Underground Wrestling

Or maybe you're cooling off at the beach like Randy Orton.

Things really heat up in the summer, especially in the world of pro wrestling! This Sunday, it's brother vs brother in this UK match:

Which brother will prevail?

And lastly, things are going to get even hotter here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. Next week, I'll be posting some match pics featuring Clay Moore. Watch out for them!


  1. That first photo, with those studs hanging out along the sidewalk, is a fantasy cum true. How many of you see a hot guy doing construction or working shirtless outside, and you say to yourself, whoa, imagine that man in tight wrestling trunks, muscles glistening and bulges doing anything but hiding. Damn!

  2. i don't know how the match will be handled, but brother vs. brother matches can be very exciting. While I hope that they take the action to each other hard, I also hope that it's not a match in which they turn out to despise each other. That path is too easy, too hackneyed.