Thursday, July 25, 2013

Double Post : Milad Akkbar and Derek Wylde

Here's another double serving of Beefcake (because one is sometimes not, my files are piling up and I need to unload some of this stuff on you). First up, Milad Akkbar. It's been a while since I featured "The Persian Powerhouse." I read somewhere that he's going to try out for WWE this September. Good luck, Milad, I hope you make it.

Next up, Derek Wylde. In my last post featuring this indie wrestler, I chose images of Derek being put through the wringer. In these pics, Derek's finally got the upper hand, well, in most of these pics anyway. Show 'em who's boss, Derek!
Derek Wylde vs Shawn Spears

Looks like he was bitchslapped by Tyler Tirva.

Wylde demolishes Tirva and Spears.


  1. Milad looks great. Keep 'em coming. Wish there was more matches posted of him online. Keep up the good work buddy. Thanks.

  2. Nice photo of Wylde and Tirva "teaming up" against Spears who is hanging in the Tree of Woe awaiting. a crotch to the face. That move is always entertaining. Actually I don't think Tirva is a willing participant in the Two on One action -- he's about to suffer a forehead to the nuts after all. So Wylde is really emasculating and dominating both opponents at once rather than working with Tirva to defeat Spears. I only mention this because it makes strongman Wylde appear even stronger...

    1. You're right about that. Let me fix that...

  3. Milad is sexy and watching his matches w/ his big thighs is always great.