Friday, July 5, 2013

Double Post : Beefcakes of Summer

Summertime and the living is easy. You know what else is easy (easy on the eyes, that is)? It's these  beefcakes who are wrestling outdoors under the big blue sky. Our good friend/regular contributor Jim from Chicago emailed me these pics from a couple of events he attended in his hometown on June 15 and 16. Thanks as always, Jim. Love your work!
Kharn Alexander

Cameron Matthews

Ashton Vuitton

Jim wasn't able to identify this guy. Can anyone?

Robbie E aka Rob Eckos

And while we're on the subject of wrestlers wrestling outdoors, here's the one and only Vic Capri in action from very recent matches.

Oh man! Vic Capri and Arya Daivari team up for this one.


  1. Great pictures, as usual! I think the unidentified wrestler is Aaron Sky, of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

  2. Couldn't Dreamwave find a more recent photo of The Steiner Brothers?

  3. Great pics. I hav efollowed Cameron Matthews since his very early days with Cyberfights. His skill levels and physical development have improved remarkably. I love watching that lithe,smooth muscular body in action.

  4. Kharn, Cameron, Ashton and Vic...
    this summer has suddenly become even hotter!