Friday, June 10, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Tino Sabatelli

Tabarnak De Team (top)

Steinbolt (bottom)

Peter Kaasa (mid-air)

Liam Slater aka Liam Gallagher Lazarus


Gabriel Fuerza vs John Atlas

Drew Gulak

Eddie Rage (center)

Travis Gordon (left)

Chris Dickinson


  1. That's a nice pic of John Atlas's meaty faceless bod getting worked over. Made me look him up.

    Tabarnak looks hot in that photo. As does Tino. I wonder what match that's from.

  2. Lots of my favorites here. Please, Eli, look up John (and sometimes Jon or even Johnny) Atlas vids. There are some good ones out there. I enjoyed this early one, among others:
    And he appears a lot in Eclipse Pro Wrestling, see the full shows posted here:
    Two new recent ones have just been uploaded.
    Posted this a few days ago, it includes most of a recent Sabbatelli match vs No Way Jose, not the greatest, but some decent close-ups:
    Enjoy! Anon.

    1. Thanks so much for the recs Anon! I think I finally have a system in place so I won't miss these.

      I'll definitely have to look up more Atlas vids. I couldn't get far on that one as the camera was far away. But if you say it's good, I'll try again when I'm more patient.

      Thanks for the Tino pointer! It's so hard to find these newer guys so I'm very grateful when you find and share these. Of course I wish the quality was better, but there are definitely some HOT moments of our muscle hero getting worked over good.

    2. Welcome. I understand the frustration. As I usually recommend, download the vid at the highest possible quality, and then use your video player to zoom in. Works mostly. But the Eclipse pro vids are quite good quality, and in addition to Atlas, you get Ray Steele, Tyler Tirva,RJ City, Will White, and a few others. Must be something good in the Ontario water! Anon.

    3. All these names! Gonna have to go through later. Thanks again Anon. It's hard for me to download vids these days. I'm running low on computer space :(

    4. Enjoy! They're not going anywhere. :-)

  3. If I could just make a small correction regarding Liam Slater - he also goes by the name Liam Lazarus, but he's never been known as Liam Gallagher. Possibly confusing him with Jack Gallagher?

    1. I was supposed to write Liam Lazarus and for some reason, I write Liam Gallagher because I was thinking of the British rock band Oasis. Correction made. Thanks.

  4. i want to sit on chris dickinsons big cock when he is like this and ride him hard