Thursday, June 16, 2016

More Kameron Kade

I was able to find a few more photos of independent wrestler Kameron Kade, and this time most, if not all of these, are fairly recent.


  1. Very nice! Yes, he is definitively not as fit these pics than in the last post and subsequently, not as boner-inducing I'll admit. But he still has my attention. And bonus points for being so cheeky (like that last photo)

  2. hi Bruno …
    You bring us such diverse array of guys I’m not surprised you only came across Kameron Kade. I’ve had my eye on this little fireplug for awhile now but I live in the Southern U.S. where Kade is making his fame.

    For you guys who want a good taste of Kameron watch him take on another fireplug muscle boy Blaine Rage with great up close video shots and the match spills out the ring (of course)

    USWA: Kameron Kade v Blain Rage (c) USWA Jr Hvwt Title - Red, White & Bruised: Escalation 7/17/15

    and another one is his “I quit” match against “Califlower” Brown that is equally hard hitting…
    Chase "Cauliflower" Brown vs. Kameron Kade ("I Quit" Match)

    Personally, I find the current photos to be sexy as hell … that selfie where he’s in the gym is breathtaking!

    Kameron reminds me of a redneck rassler from a while back that joined WWE at one point — Jamie Noble. Anybody remember him?

  3. Yes, I agree he has presence. The best is the suplex shot, worst is the last--"Look! I'm pregnant!"(wrong side for cheekiness, IMHO). Anon.

  4. I'm afraid this is just a matter of pure lust, no pretence, Kameron really could have every wildest fantasy fulfilled

  5. I like the thicker kade. It looks like he's on that eating phase of body building, where they'really trying to build as much muscle as possible and are eating a lot. But his arms and chest and core are more massive. Incredibly hot.

  6. Glad there's something for everyone! I hear you Anon on initially thinking "Oh no, that's not as good of a shot" but that was balanced with the raciness of the shot. That V adonis belt does things to me. I'm surprised you liked the suplex pic best. That's the one it was hardest for me to make out of him.

    RayATL, thanks for the recommendations! I can't wait to check them out. I was hoping someone would post their fav matches of him. And yeah, I remember Jamie Noble, though barely. Love how you call him a "fireplug." No idea what it means but it sounds "hot" and also sounds like buttplug lol.

    I saw a bit of the Blain Rage match, and yeah Blain's got muscles, but wasn't a fan of his combed back wavey hair. Will have to watch through more later.

  7. He's very generous with his body on his Instagram account!

  8. Jamie Noble = James Gibson and has the physique of a fireplug, which I suspect to be the origin of his nickname. He hails from WVa and was very popular in the Ohio Valley - Potomac Valley area. He was often on local t.,v., and you could always expect him to be the best possible of all possible jobbers and to succumb to torture holds after being battered here and there around and near the ring. He was one among others who wore brief trunks, revealing or suggesting the barely hidden presence of exquisite junque. He was not effeminate in the slightest but just small and subject to bullying. Brings back fond memories of a bygone time before nature took away my ability fully to appreciate so good a red neck. TT

  9. erich todd, what's his Instagram account?? I've only found his twitter and facebook.

    TT, I only saw Noble on WWF (and maybe WCW?) very shortly. I overlooked him though he fit my type. I'm guessing it was because he was a trashier but smaller version of my ultimate red-neck muscle hero Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also I wasn't a fan of the jean shorts. Do you have any recommendations of said hot tortured matches?