Thursday, June 9, 2016

From Nicholls To Nick

Remember Mikey Nicholls, the other half of Australian tag team The Mighty Don't Kneel (TMDK)? If you don't, it's probably because I featured his tag team partner Shane Haste here on BCoW more than I did Nicholls. Anyway, in case you weren't aware of it, Nicholls and Haste have been signed up to NXT and are now wrestling in the USA. And because this is NXT /WWE, their names have been changed. So goodbye Mikey Nicholls, hello Nick Miller! (At least Shane Haste gets to keep his first name; he's now being called Shane Thorne. And they're no longer TMDK, they're now TM-61.) In this clip, Miller and Thorne - I'm going to have to get used to their new names -- are welcomed to NXT and introduced to NXT fans, but at one point, Shane still refers to "Nick" as Mike. I'm not sure what "characters" the two are bringing to NXT. Is Shane supposed to be the funny, outgoing one? Is Nick/Mikey the more serious, soft-spoken one? I found the interview to be awkward and uncomfortable to watch. These two are among the best technical wrestlers in the world, so here's hoping they make it in the USA. Thanks to longtime contributor/good friend of this blog David for taking these great shots of Nick Miller in singles competition at a recent NXT house show. Can't wait to see more of him and Shane soon.
Shane Thorne (aka Shane Haste) cheers his tag team partner on from the apron.

P.S. When I first saw these photos, I had to do a double take because I didn't recognize Nicholls/Miller. He looks different. Then I realised it's because of the tan and the lighter hair color. Oh yes, these are high res pics so zoom in if you want to.


  1. I think Nicholls got thinner too. Wish them the best too!

    1. Yes, of the two, he tended to be a bit heavy around the waist, so this works for him. Anon.

  2. He's both hot and adorable.