Thursday, June 30, 2016

Five Years Ago This Month

It's the last day of June and it's Throwback Thursday! Here are some of the beefcakes who graced this blog's pages back in June 2011. Going through all my posts from that time, I noticed that I had three posts that were about the color of ring gear some wrestlers wore, i.e., there was a post on black ring gear, one on white ring gear, and one on red. I'm going to group these pics in the same way starting with black ring gear, then white, and finally, red.
Alex Riley

El Elegido

Strongman Jon Andersen

Josh Daniels

Anthony Nese

Blake Warning

Jo Atlas

Tom La Ruffa

Rene Dupree


Tyler Cook

Scott Steele

Oliver John



Brett Barnes

Mike Mondo

Tommy Titus

Dirty Money

Bruce Santee

Davey Richards


Ezekiel Jackson

Joel Redman


  1. Those are some great photos. I'm a big fan of Josh Daniels, Anthony Nese, Oliver John and Davey Richards. And Unidentified doesn't look to bad either. June, 2011 must have been a very good month.

  2. I miss that Alex Riley.

    And Nese looked so much better than he does now.

    Mondo must be inactive/retired, haven't seen a match of his in ages.

    1. BTW, JM, the Youtube channel with the Cronus vids has posted a few more shows and matshes. Anon.

    2. I saw but most of the recent ones are Cronusless. :(

  3. Now that's nostalgia. Sigh. But how did you leave out my all-time faovrite, Clay Moore, who spanned both the black and white trunk worlds? Anon.

    1. He wasn't featured in June 2011, but don't worry, he's going to be featured in an upcoming Throwback post.

    2. Thanks! Anon.

  4. Alex Riley is one of my top picks, and I, too, would like to see more of him. (You may take that either way!)

    Bruno's retrospective prompted me to check out BCW's Riley archive, and I was delighted to find there a quite beautiful foto of Alex with both of his arms pinned behind him by Antonio Cesaro. (The match is on Youtube, but IMHO, the still is far more fulfilling.) There are also posted on u2b two slo-mo clips of a minute or so each of the struggle depicted in the still.

    If I were as rich as Bill Gates, I'd hire Riley at any price to wrestle for me any opponents he wanted me to pay at least weekly as long as he didn't mind the struggle of entrapment in a punishing hold.

    Ciao from your hormone besotted Tom in Charm City, USA

  5. The Cranial Claw is a hold I've seen almost never but which is thrilling when applied by a beast to, say, Alex Riley. u2b has a clip of some bizarrely decked out creature compressing this marvelous hold on Alex's temples, collapsing him gradually to the mat and finally slamming the back of his head all the way down, leaving him to twitch a bit before he "loses consciousness."

    Lying motionalee on his back, Alex displays his muscular pectus excavatum to best advantage--whether his face be still covered by the claw or not.

    I hate for him that to appeal as strongly as he does he must often lose.

    Ciao, carissimi, Tom

  6. What a shame the WWE dumped Alex Riley. I am a fan of his right back from his earliest FCW/NXT. One of the many guys with so much potential but the Creative Team just didn't bother with. I hope he joins another federation soon.

    1. It should have been 27. I had to leave out Ricochet, Tarzan Boy and The Phenomenal Kent because their gear didn't fall into the black,white or red category.

    2. Oops, this was supposed to be in reply to Eli Jav's "24 men" comment.

  7. Wow, 24 men. I can't even begin.

    But I'm with you TT. How do we get rich quick so we can have our muscle boy Riley on a 24-hour live cam having his hot muscles worked over good? I'm open to any ideas.

    Hey, I thought Alex Riley might have pectus. Is that a sure thing or are you just eyeballing it? How do you know about this condition?

    Davey is always hot. Always loved seeing Josh Daniels put the hurt on. Guys who also piqued my eye: Mondo, Matachi, Santee, Titus, Atlas, Warning, Scott Steele, Atlast ... too many.

    Joel Redman is a big fav of mine of late. He looks so much better now than he did then imo.

    1. Eli,

      I have pectus excavatum. I was ashamed of it for two decades before I knew what I had. Turns out that lots of wrestlers seem to have it.

      I wrote a really long reply about Alex, but I am reluctant to take up more list bandwidth than I already do. Any suggestion how I can get it to you.

      Redman was far more well built when he was younger. He also appeared to have a medical condition called gynecomastia, which manifests itself as a swollen breast, both protuberant and sensitive to manipulation. It is caused by a hormonal imbalance, and it usually vanishes in a matter of months without the need for treatment or meds of any sort. Oddly it is often unilateral so that the sufferer appears to have one breast. In really extreme cases surgery can remove the excess breast tissue. My memory may fail me, but I think I remember that Redman seemed affected on only his right breast. Teen males are the most common sufferers, so it can become a matter of embarrassment.


    2. TT,

      Thanks for sharing that so much. As you might surmise now, my interest when I heard this term, also comes from the fact that I have it too and I completely understand being ashamed of it. My email is elijav000 @ gmail.

      It's funny you say Redman was more well built when younger. Did you mean younger than this pic, or did you like him in this pic over how he is now?

      I'm curious if you have pics of him where you think he has gynecomastia. I did a quick google search on it and him and can't find any results. He's always had a perfect chest to me and I'm curious what a Redman with man boobs looks like.

    3. I'm curious about that too. I recall pre-TNA Redman (real name Alex Pettyfer, I think). He was always treated as a "musclebeast" in the UK, but it wasn't until TNA that he bulked up to his present physique. I don't remember seeing him with any hint of gynecomastia. Anon.

    4. Excuse me, not TNA, NXT. Anon.

    5. Joel Pettyfer, not Alex. Alex Pettyfer is a British actor (not a very good one, mind you, but he's pretty good looking). Maybe he should go into pro wrestling.

    6. Hmmm, how did that happen!?! Typo-ing all over the place and now getting things mixed up. Anon.

  8. I'm 99.9% positive that the unidentified wrestler is Keizo Matsuda. I just love that guy.