Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Upper Body Strength

Here's a bunch of photos I've been collecting of wrestlers' upper bodies. There's a good selection of what some people call the "vanity muscles" (i.e., chest and biceps) here, so don't be shy and tell us whose pictures you like most.
Tini Sabatelli

Luther Ward

Josh Bodom

Will White

Kay Jutler

Jake Logan

Dave Conrad

Katsuyori Shibata

Johnny "The Man" Moran

Jake McCluskey

Aviv Maaya (UK, no longer wrestling?)

Tatanka and Tyler Tirva


  1. Tino Sabatelli & Kay Jutler. Thanks for the posting, Bruno. TT

  2. Sabatelli and Tirva. Ditto on the thanks. Anon.

    Typo: Aviv Maayan, and here's a match:

  3. This is a really nice collection Bruno! It's amazing how many different types of pictures in wrestling there are. These up-close upper-bod model-type pics are definitely some of the most erotic. Package and legs are overrated ;)

  4. I've decided to change both my gimmick and nt icon.

    Tabletttes de chocolat is literally "chocolate bars." In French slang it's used for what we call a " six-pack" or "washboard" abs. I like the image!

    1. Formerly Almatolen. More appropriate for this blog. And the change worked. Hurrah!

    2. Believe it or not, you can buy chocale bars that literally have abs and pecs etched into them. I could have used that image as my icon. But I decided that I'd keep to the original image.

    3. Oh, well, that's okay. This version is sometimes called chocolats d'été, summer chocolates. I guess that Ringside at Skull Island shares its icon with this blog. I'd intended to have distinct, different icons for each.

    4. This is not because I have them, but because I admire them.

      This version is more whimsical, I guess.

  5. As promised. Just found this, most of a match between Sabbatelli and "No Way Jose" from NXT Evansville. Haven't watched the whole thing yet, so don't know quite how long it is. Amateur video, but better quality than the other one I found. Anon.