Saturday, June 4, 2016

Selfie Showdown : Alexander Hammerstone vs Danny Duggan

Time for another selfie showdown. Here are five selfies each from independent wrestlers Alexander Hammerstone and "Hotshot" Danny Duggan. Hammerstone shows more versatility that Duggan in his poses and locations, so that's one point for him. On the other hand, Duggan is shirtless in all his selfies (vs. Hammerstone being shirtless in only one selfie), so that's one point for Duggan. Who do you think wins this showdown?
Alexander Hammerstone

Danny Duggan


  1. Hammerstone no doubt.

  2. Two for Hammerstone. Danny lets himself get a bit pudgy. Would be a slam dunk for the Hammer if he got a decent haircut. Anon.

  3. Three strikes and Duggan is out!

  4. No! I will use a Phoenix Down on Duggan and bring him back.

    Neither impressed me in this post though I admit I've never been a Hammerstone fan. I usually like Duggan more

    On second glance the attraction came back. I've come to like how more natural his body looks.

    In all honesty, it's really not that pudgy as you can clearly see lines on him. The quality of the photos doesn't help.

    I guess this was a good comparable match up though!

    1. I am not a big Hammerstone fan either, liked his tag-team partner, Joe Graves, better. Duggan is sort of on the edge and ubiquitous. You don't quite catch the pudge on Duggan when the view is from the front.
      That said, I don't insist that the wrestlers I "follow" have six packs. There are a few I like that have mild love handles. Anon.

    2. I'm not impressed by a Graves. I've seen worse, but he ain't no Hammerstone (great gimmick for a wrestler, BTW).

      As for Duggan, pudge is pudge. I don't want to watch the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

      I've been abs obsessed, for both wrestlers and bodybuilders, since my earliest memories. A good set of washboards is for me one of the prime definers of masculine beauty and sex appeal. Along with a beefy slab of pecs and a xylophone of serrati and intercostals.

      A well put together male torso is one of the wonders of nature and a gift from the gods.

      I want to see a muscular physique, not a blob of undefined flesh.

    3. I wish I had a ripped abs like the guys you want Alma. But I'd still jerk off to myself everyday if I had the lines Duggan has.

    4. That's fine, Alma. I shudder to think what the guys who have them go through to keep them. I was just revealing a dark, dark secret of mine. For me it's the whole wrestler. A few things like bad hair and dumb gear can ruin it. I've thought it might be interesting if BoW did an occasional post on wrestler makeovers, i.e., if only he would change x & y he would be blogworthy. Anon.

  5. Even though Hammerstone is more ripped, I find myself more attracted to Duggan's body.