Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Beefcakes of Paragon Pro Wrestling

Check out some of the talent over at Las Vegas-based promotion Paragon Pro Wrestling. You've got Jesse Sorenson, Drew Donovan, Royce Isaacs, Greg Romero, and Caleb Konley, just to name a few.
Alexander Chamberlain is the current Heavyweight Champion, Royce Isaacs is the current American Champion, and the duo of Jesse Sorenson and Wes Brisco are the current tag team champions. To find out how you can watch their matches, go to the Paragon Pro Wrestling website by clicking here (interestingly enough, Paragon is the sister site of Thunder's Arena).
Jesse Sorenson

Drew Donovan

Royce Isaacs

Greg Romero

Uhmmm, Romero looks like he's packing something.


  1. I hadn't heard of any promotions in Las Vegas, but man have they acquired some hotties! Sorensen is looking in tip top shape, though I gotta say, I think something about his accident must've changed my outlook on him. He used to be my young arrogant fearless sex god of a wrestler. He just doesn't do it for me like that anymore. Or maybe he just has to clean off his beard and chest. Yeah maybe that'll do it.

    I just discovered Drew Donovan recently and he looks hot! Reminds me of Stone Cold and Goldberg a bit.

    Royce Isaacs is a new hot one to me. These guys sure are befitting of a city that wants me to sin.

  2. Jessy is in much better shape than he was back in TNA, but he really isn't that photogenic in stills, for some reason. Looks much better in vids.
    Check out the NRW (Denver) shows posted weekly on Thursday nights for Isaacs matches, he also wrestles in a tag team called "The Upgrades."
    Drew Donovan has a number of matches on Youtube, but they tend to leave off the "Drew." Anon.

  3. I honestly think it's the beard and chest hair. He's got a hot young lean bod, but the facial hair makes him look like an awkward boy trying to become more manly (a man-boy of sorts) as opposed to a young stud owning what he's got.

  4. Really enjoyed Paragon during its run on the national Pop network late last year … though, their YouTube channel never occurs to me. (Jesse needs to back off his time at the tat parlor imho)

    Nice to see some hairy chests on the roster! Yum! ;)