Monday, June 20, 2016

Muscle Monday : Zeus

Zeus stands out in Japan's wrestling scene because he's one of a handful of bodybuilders who is also a professional wrestler (The Bodyguard is another one and it's no surprise that Zeus and him have wrestled as tag team partners). Zeus if one of the most muscular, if not the most muscular Japanese wrestlers there is. Even if he changes his hairstyle and hair color a lot, you'd still recognize him from his build. You can watch Zeus in a 2013 tag team match with his partner Masato Tanaka by clicking here.


  1. His posing reminds me of Goddard. His body reminds me of Batista, though I daresay he has a bigger ass. I wonder who pic 7/10 is. He looks like quite a muscle stud too.

    1. I I wanted to know the same thing!


      23.08.2008 HUSTLE HUSTLE GP Second Round: Zeus defeats Bob Sapp (6:47)
      HUSTLE Hustle Tour 2008 - Tag 4 @ Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium in Osaka, Japan

    3. His opponent in pic 7 could be The Bodyguard, the other Japanese bodybuilder/wrestler I mentioned in the intro. I'll post a few pics of him soon.

    4. lol TT

      It definitely could be the Bodyguard based on that tattoo pattern. I'm sure someone more familiar with him can ID him since he has such a unique back tattoo (google images only shows front facing pics sadly).

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  3. Any id a of ID of opponent in Image above the Sapp back Breaker?

  4. If that is The Bodyguard, it's interesting that mostly they've competed as tag partners, Big Guns. But even during their partners they've met as tag opponents.

    One-on-one, they've met each other only three time, in 2013,2011,and 2009. The two early matches were won by Zeus.
    23.12.2013 Osaka Pro Wrestling Tennozan 2013 Final: Zeus defeats The Bodyguard (20:32)
    Osaka Pro Tennozan 2013 - Tag 5 @ Matsushita IMP Hall in Osaka, Japan

    In light of some recent posts, I note that Lokomotiv (Ivan Markov) beat both of them and another in a Russian Roulette match in Tokyo.

  5. The great thing about Zeus is that he doesn't have that protruding bodybuilder's belly (steroidal?), the Bodyguard does. Anon.