Thursday, June 16, 2016

Come On Down, Kameron!

Yesterday on BCoW, I posted an image of a wrestler in black trunks whom I was not able to identify. Thanks to some of this blog's readers, said wrestler was identified as Kameron Kade. I had not heard of Kade until yesterday and I'll admit I was curious to learn about him so I did a little research. Kade
is an independent wrestler who has worked for many promotions: NWA Anarchy, Pro Wrestling EVO, Diamond Pro Wrestling, USWA, Mucha Lucha Atlanta, to name a few. He's held titles as well: APW Chester Carolina Champion, DPW Southeastern Champion, APW North Georgia Champion and APEX Southern States Champion. He's 5'9" and weighs 195 pounds and is from Aiken, South Carolina (other sites say Panama City, Florida). I couldn't find many recent pics of him (most of the ones below are from 2014-2015) and even most of his matches on YouTube are a year or two years old, however this one is from June 4, 2016 (the hair!).

(with Peter Kaasa)


  1. Do I want to treat his supple, clean, delicious young body as my own personal lollipop?

    You betcha!!!

  2. Fuuuuuuck ...

    Yeah supple is the number one word that comes to mind. He's got that perfect middle area: thick thighs anchored by a prominent package curving smoothly to a simultaneously lean and beefy core. Sex emanates from him like radiowaves. I need to relieve myself.

    1. Before the radio waves sterilize you, Eli, you'd better call in a water cannon -- or two -- and hose yourself down. When I am done with it, I'll let you know. TeeHee

    2. lol. Seriously right? I'd go sterile for a day locked in a hotel room with him.

  3. I can't decide in him. He wears the brief trunks well. What seem to be the more-recent pics show some unattractive paunch, and his t-shirt in the video just accentuates it.
    I am sure there are a bunch of matches of his in some of the online shows, harder to find because his name doesn't appear in the title. Anon.

  4. Kameron really is the full package.I seriously believe he is one of the hottest guys I've ever seen, damn & damn I really am gay, I'm pleased to say, Kameron has definitely confirmed that

  5. Amen to that Christopher! And by the way, you really have great taste in men judging by your G+ feed.

    I'm curious what video you're referring to Anon, though I can see where you're coming from.

    Kade has got my attention so much I've already started looking up videos of him. He's obviously very confident in his looks shown by how cheeky he is showing a little cheek here:
    Kyle Matthews (also handsome) works him in some hot holds in this match:
    It's either that last match or this next one, but there was a good moment when Kade is worked over the ropes good right in front of the camera, but I can't see to find it anymore:

    Hope you guys like!

  6. Check out his matches with Kid Riot and Dagon Briggs. He show his bare ass in them. Also, if you like the pics, he will autograph and sell them. Contact him on FB.