Monday, June 27, 2016

Muscle Monday : Austin Theory

Here's some good news about teen bodybuilder/pro wrestler Austin Theory: he's not sporting the man bun anymore and he now has better ring gear. Theory wrestles in Ar Fox's promotion WWA4 and recently battled AC Mack for the heavyweight championship (watch the match here).

Older pic still with the man bun.

Older pic still with the man bun.

New ring gear. Goodbye, loose gym shorts. Hello, tights.

Austin's the one on the far left.


  1. ...AND Austin alone, on the extreme left, is dressed appropriately for the occasion. As the Brits would say, "Don't hide your candle under a mealtub." Some things IMHO which would further the appeal of his pix: (1) ditch tights for skimpy trunks or brief gym pants, depending on context; (2) stay shirtless; (3) jettison the mirror gimmick to maintain focus on his physical beauty; (4) avoid overly distinctive (thus distracting) physical features (e.g., hair style) and clothing, remembering that some loose fitting shorts can be as suggestive (or, if you prefer, "hot,") as even nakedness. (5) choose colors wisely and, for God's sake, no pink. (Yes, I am, but I hate stereotypical pink.)

    Looking at some Brian Pillman's matches (not to mention Paul Roma and Jim Powers') on the YT "My...Obsession" channel in addition to comments made here by Bruno and others brought these considerations to mind. Except for Flyin' Brian's hair, which I detested when he was active, he personified what I like in a "cruiser weight" wrestler. Pillman was possessed of nice breasts on a chest which was one of "my types," and the wedgie separating his bubble-bum-halves was very excellent indeed. I think he may even qualify for honorary "beefcake" status. Would that I could go back in time and see to his coiffure.

    He was by far not the worst offender with hair. I hate it when hair obscures a wrestler's face and eyes and deplore even more having his hair fall onto and camouflage a man's upper chest, breasts, biceps, triceps, and/or nipples when he is laid out flat by a heel. (A great part of Alex Riley's appeal to me is that I can actually see what he is feeling when he is being set on by a sadistic villain. And there are a couple of clips in slo-mo on "Obsessions" which are to-die for. He whimpers so eloquently, grits his teeth, and struggles like a bug pinned down but with its legs/arms just free enough to wiggle and twitch!)

    I have gone on for longer than is usual even for me, but you have the honorable choice to ignore my s--t and move on to really worthwhile comments.

    Ciao, fratelli e sorelle. TT

  2. The third to last photo is very appealing … I’m glad he lost the “man bun” (for god’s sake! Men with buns… dogs and cats sleeping together … stop the madness!)
    I don’t mind the tights, much better than the baggy pants… Austin needs to hook up with some good management in Georgia to steer him in the right direction. He’s very promising and would like to see him in some hard-hitting action in the ring!

  3. His matches, but one, all seem to be on the WWA4 Youtube channel, to which Bruno has provided a link, check them out.
    I like the tights, esp. the way the stripe follows the contours of the leg, but I don't understand why a bodybuilder, used to wearing much much skimpier posing trunks, suddenly wants to cover up.

  4. Austin, play the heel, you'll go further