Monday, June 6, 2016

Muscle Monday : Tristan Archer

Most of the wrestlers I feature on Muscle Monday are big bodybuilders like Brian Cage, Rob Terry, and Apollo Crews, but once in a while, a ripped, chiseled wrestler like Tristan Archer gets the spotlight here. Watch the 30 year old Frenchman (5 ft. 10 in., 198 pounds) in this recent interview (it's in French and it sounds so classy).  Or if you prefer to see him in action, here he is in a match held late last month.

No face needed when you've got pecs like these.

He's very proud of those pecs.

I did not crop this photo. This pic appeared in one of his
social media accounts.


  1. I'd be proud of those pecs, too!

    In the Caption This post below someone had a link to Sufferingmen. I follwed it to other sites, most of which had interesting GIFs.

    What amazed me was the sometimes vicious, venomous way the muscular, handsome "hero" was disparaged. While not my kind of attitude, as I wrote there, "chacun à son gout." But the nastines...!

    The relevance is this: one blogger had a particular focus on Tristan Archer.

    I just don't get it. I suppose I could try some psychological analysis, but I can't throw stones. I have my own inexplicable quirks and kinks. But could anyone try to explain?

  2. I can see no virtue in admiring a 400-pound wrestler who's career is founded on throwing his weight around or some flabby, pasty guy who looks like he's rarely set foot in a gym and spends more time in a donut shop. Nor do I care for anorexic twink types who look like they're on meth.

    If that's what I wanted to look at, I'd just regard myself in a mirror.

    So much for being into "reality."

    Non-amateur wrestling is a fantasy, like comic books, porn, etc., and when I seek to be entertained, that's what I want. I DO spend time in the real world, but I want periods of escape, in a Tolkienesque manner. I want more beauty to enjoy.

    If I wanted to watch someone suffer, it'd be them as the victims of the hottest physiques to be seen. I'm not usually big on squash matches, but when I enjoy one, that's the script I want to watch.

    There's two erotic wrestlers I've enjoyed being demolished and anticipate every repeat. Both win a totally unlikely number of matches: Eli Black and Ethan Andrews, both with extreme definition, but skinny as rails.

    My preference is frankly aspirational. As an adolescent, I begged my parents to get me a weight-set so I could transform myself into something resembling my idols.

    Yes, sometimes "my" type can be arrogant bullies, in life and entertainment, who make the best heels, but I've spent time with bodybuilders and off-stage they're often the shyest, kindest people who project the utmost of self-confidence when they're performing a posing routine.

    One thing that sometimes amuses and sometimes irritates me is the occasional wrestler who taunts his opponent with "pretty boy" and the like, when he's just as "pretty," etc.

  3. Thanks to Almatolmen for his post. As far as desirable physical characteristics go, I am eclectic.

    To lighten the ether a tad, I reflect on Bruno's experience of the French language as "classy." I studied French first (10th & 11th grades + freshman college), and German second (Sophomore College), but later I made scant use of either except for the occasional research paper in theology or mathematics and 30 days vacation in Europa when I was 35 years old. I was always amused to think that when one was making passionate love in German, it sounded as though one were cursing someone else out in the vilest possible terms; whereas, when one was damning another to hell in French, it sounded as though one were seducing a much desired significant other with sweet phrases of love.


    1. There's quite a spectrum of the muscular body. From the swimmer (Cameron Matthhews) to the aesthetic bodybuilder (Finn Balór) and massive bodybuilder (Chris Masters). I leve'm all. I have Albums of many wrestlers in my Library. I think you'd be amazed at the eclectic diversity of my favorites. If you saw a recent post on my FB page, you'd get a sampling. Jerry Aurand.

  4. my only gripe…his choice of wrestle gear…lose the shorts…bring on the trunks.

  5. This is quite the collection of comments. Are we all reading the same blog?

    1. It wasn't at Sufferingmen, but one that I follwed a link to from attached to its Comment section. I don remember which.

  6. Hi Almatolmen. During my time in the Beefcakes commentity — particularly the last year or so — I've realized different things about wrestling turn everybody on differently. I usually respond to others who share my fantasy and ignore others I don't. It sucks when your fantasies are attacked.

    Since underneath your abrasive verbose questioning, there seems to be a part of you that genuinely wants to understand, I'll tell you my own thoughts.

    I don't like blood or any real fights like UFC or boxing. Wrestling for me is also a fantasy to project yourself. If I'm to understand you correctly, you say your preference is "aspirational" so when you watch your hot muscle boy heroes go to town on someone, I'm guessing it's a way of imagining yourself as one of these studs who is capable of such physical feats while looking fantastic naked too. Let me know if I misunderstood.

    However, when I watch wrestling, I escape into a world where six-pack-abs men don't whatever they want. Because in the real world, especially in the gay world, they get everything. Muscle is currency. I don't have as much as I want and it's not fair. So I enjoy wrestling when I see these buff heroes in agony and struggling. However, that's just me. And I haven't even talked about sex yet which is another topic in it of itself.

    Anyhow, I wasn't going to respond because:
    1. I've found your tastes are different than mine and as I've said above I ignore those who I don't share fantasies with,
    2. People who ramble on and on in a long post get on my nerves because they hog the spotlight with such long posts when this post really has nothing to do with the original post and
    3. I've actually already stated some of this self-psycho-analysis in a post last year that you questioned similarly:

    Would love to hear what others think, but I'm guessing most people just want to come here and fantasize whatever they like and not think too much about why.

    1. I feel the same way, generally. I tend to like seeing the hunk lose, since muscles and appearance do not equate with strength and skill, but I do like to entertain the possibility that he will win, at least once in a while. I don't mind when people go on and on, since I don't have to read their posts, but I think it is important that everyone feel comfortable expressing agreement or dissent.
      I started to comment because I thought that I occasionally had something to share that others would appreciate, esp. video links.
      I also think Bruno does an excellent job providing variety to satisfy all tastes. Anon.