Friday, July 1, 2016

Clash Of The Millenials

From the UK, it's Scottish wrestler Noam Dar, 22, vs. English wrestler Tyler Bate, 19. Both Dar and Bate are millenials who started their professional wrestling careers at the tender age of 15. Boy, they sure start them young in the UK.

Your winner, Noam Dar!


  1. wow … Wow … WOW ! ! !
    I’ve followed Noam Dar for awhile but this looks epic! Thanks for posting it.

  2. Dar seems to be more childlike with each passing year--immature muscles which have not yet hardened, etc. I wonder if, when Dar and Bate grow up, there will be anyone left to wrestle them who is even near to their size. Is it just this comparatively ancient old man, or is there something faintly absurd about Bate's moustash and green-socked pixie boots? Wouldn't it be peachy keen to toss Bate, Dar, and Brock Lesnar into a caged ring and ring the bell? I can see myself in an hour holding Dar's hand gently in mine and asking him, "Noam, where is the rest of your body?" TT

  3. I want Tyler Bate.

    I want to fuck Tyler Bate so bad, I can taste it.

    I want to go right down to that ring, yank down those flimsy green tights, and expose those perfect, undulating orbs.

    I want to own Tyler Bate's succulent ass.

    I want to fuck Tyler Bate deeply, over and over again, until his ravaged body can bear no more, and my depravity has drained every last dribble of ooz from his wonton organs.

    I want to fuck Tyler Bate so hard his fine, award winning ass is left a quivering, sticky, mushy, mess.

    Then when I was through, I would kiss those sweet lips, lick those luscious legs ... then fuck him all over again.

    I want Tyler Bate.

    That superb, flawless young man will always sit on his throne as my fantasy prince.

  4. Sorry to report that wrestler known as Thunder, who wrestled in CMLL in Mexico and appeared here a few times, just passed away from what is reported as lung cancer. His real name was Luke Fordward, and he got his start in wrestling in his native Australia. He was 34 or 35, depending on which news source you read. Anon.

    1. Oh my, that is sad. Thanks for the update.

    2. This is a real tragedy.

      Had I known, I would never have posted my pornographic rant about Tyler Bate on the same day - out of respect.

      May God bless his soul.

    3. MF!, no way you could have known.
      Thunder got his start in the Australian Wrestling Federation (AWF) under his real name, and wrestled in Japan as "Taipan." According to another source the cancer was stomach cancer, not lung. Anon.

  5. The Brits like their "lads" (young men barely, and not always even, past boyhood). And British lads seem to like their daddies. Lucky for us, some of those lads are frequently working in the ring.

  6. I got curious about ages, weights, and heights of my favorite wrestlers and so ran the numbers on ten of them. Interesting, at least to me, is the consistency:
    age 28, 31, and 8 between 33 & 36
    hts 6-7 for 2, rest all betw. 6-0 & 6-3
    wts 6 betw 219 & 225, 4 heavier
    10 fired by a major promo
    5 retired already (28 is gone!)
    3 pr brothers
    List filed to be consulted in 6 mo.
    I am remarkably un-observant of such things--had never realized that one was as heavy as he is, another is as tall, and that there were so many fraternal pairs. TT