Friday, July 1, 2016

Body Shots : Selfies/Mirror, Mirror

Here's another bunch of selfies from a mirror.

Jake McCluskey

Milad Akbar

Dezmond Xavier

Austin Theory

Jay Hawk (Hungary)

Bronson Matthews

Justin Sysum

Tristan Archer


  1. Mada looks hot. For any other guy, I'd love Milad's new look, but sadly I miss the beefier version of him from before.

    1. I'm with you on that. Milad's new physique is the kind that could get him in fitness magazines these days, but he looked more like a wrestler when he was thicker and beefier.

    2. Is he in the middle of a tryout with the WWE or something? Because Premier Pro Wrestling still uploads matches regularly, just none with Akbar.

    3. Mada was an also-ran on Tough Enough, and I could find no matches outside that show.
      As for Milad, I think he is focussing on bodybuilding/physique shows, at least that's what his FB page suggests. Premier is a bit disappointing these days. I am a fan of Matt Vine (amazing shoulders!) and the other guys, but how many times (rhetorical question) can the five or so fellas wrestle each other in various combinations? Anon.

    4. Anon, I agree re: Premier. Why are there such few wrestlers now? There used to be more. I like Vine too but my favorite (physically) is Ronny Metro.

    5. Yes,couldn't think of Metro's name when I was posting. I wonder if the others just moved on to bigger or better things. Matt Dewar is another who no longer appears, and Ron Reeves has also disappeared from wrestling. Anon.

    6. When he was sporting those red, white, and green Ninja Turtle trunks, and clean-cut appearance (for example, in his matches with Cousin Eddie and Michael Mack), Ron Reeves was perfection for me. I looked forward to a plethora of videos of him with that look. Shortly after, however, he grew out his hair and began to look more slovenly, although still not bad by any means. I'm just grateful for the handful of videos that feature him in his original look.