Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Beefcakes In Action

Ethan Carter III

Stevie Shields

Kameron Kade (right)

David Starr

Apollo Crews (formerly known as Uhaa Nation)

RJ City vs Playboy John Atlas



  1. Lotta great photos with lots of grade A beef! What a musclefest pic 9 is. Would love to know who's in pic 2. Hot pic of Kade in action with legs conveniently spread apart. Always love a boot on a fallen chest though I wish it was David Starr's nice chest that was being bootprinted.

  2. Anybody out there know who got knocked down by EC3 in that first pic?

    1. The photo was taken in Australia so I'm guessing he's Australian.

    2. It's Slade Mercer. I'm still waiting for a video of the full match to surface but there's a post-match clip on YouTube. Always enjoy seeing that brief butt slap.

  3. In picture 2, Juice Jennings is the wrestler standing and Joey Vengeance is the hapless victim on bottom (who loses the match). Google the photographer and you'll see some outstanding photos on the FB page!