Thursday, July 28, 2016

King Of Dong Style

I can only imagine what Dong Style means, right, Joey Ryan?


  1. Yup, no other way to interpret that!

  2. I want to be the towel-boy whose job it is to tenderly stroke & soothe Joey Ryan's sore and swollen testicles after one of these grueling, ball-bashing matches.

    Can anyone make that happen? Pleeeeaase?

  3. If "dong" is Japanese for what we call "dick," then what, I wonder, is "ding" Japanese for? Perhaps no more than an embarrassing dong.
    Clarabell (of Howdy Doody fame) played with his own "horn;" resulting in many "honks;" whereas, Joey prefers "hunks." To stay on topic, I suppose I should say that most clowns do more for me than Joey ever could. (My favorite character was Chief Thundercloud, who coined the greeting, "Cowabunga!" long before anyone else, alive or animated.

  4. All I can say is....DELICIOUS !!