Friday, July 8, 2016


Longtime  contributor to this blog Jim from Chicago emailed me this set of photos he took on June 19th at the annual Six Corners BBQ Festival which has been featuring pro wrestling. This year's wrestlers included Robbie E and DJ Zema Ion from TNA Impact. The match shown below was a three man tag team bout with the team of Robbie E, DJ Zema Ion and Rey Furia going up against Isaias Velasques, Craig Mitchell, and Kenny Sutra. Jim says that the day was a scorcher with temperatures in the 90s. Whew! Now that's hot. In the end, it was the team of Robbie, DJ, and Furia who won. Thanks for the awesome pics, Jim! Can't wait to see what you'll have for us next time.
Robbie E (formerly known as Rob Eckos)

Dj Zema Ion (formerly known as Shiima Xion)

Rey Furia


  1. Robbie and Ion looking like they scorched the fans without the sun's help!

    1. Well, we all know it isn't the heat, it's the humidity. Anon.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyable match with some great photos. Thanks to Jim. It is me, or are both Robbie E and Zema Ion looking better and better each time they appear? Wasn't Zema ill recently? If so, hope he is recovered fully. Furia may also be looking better, but one can't tell. TT