Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meet Michael Spencer

Hungry for new Australian beefcake? Here's 25 year old Australian wrestler Michael Spencer, PWA's Rookie of the Year in 2015. Spencer wrestles for various promotions such as Newcastle Pro Wrestling, Rock N Roll Wrestling, and PWA Australia. He was the Newy Rumble Winner of 2015 and is a former Rock N Roll Wrestling Elite champion. Look at his abs! No wonder he's in a tag team called ABSolute Package. (Note: There's an American wrestler who is also named Michael Spencer, so if you search for videos on YouTube, you may be lead to his matches.)

Watch Spencer and his ABSolute Package tag team partner
Dan Wilson cut a promo here


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  2. So fuckin hot! My obsession of the month. Wish I could find more matches of his. They've got a lot of hot wrestlers in that group.

  3. Michael Spencer has an appealing combination of rugged and vulnerable looks. I'd like to see him keep and develop his rough edges and, at the same time, endure long-held painful holds and to see his washboard abs take a battering while he is stretched out. I's cherish seeing a bit more time of Michael seated open-legged on the mat with his opponent working on his head or neck--or maybe reviving the seldom used trapezius claw "nerve hold, punctuated several times by intermittent forceful chops to the base of his neck. The trouble is that apparently so few of us willingly tolerate a wrestler who does not win spectacularly all or most of the time so that we probably wait in vain for the satisfaction of another Alex Riley or his sort in Spencer. Spencer has that potential, but I fear that long, stringy, wet hair and a roughened up persona will take the day, leaving us with the need to keep watching Alex Riley grapple helplessly against the likes of Antonio Cesaro--in slo mo. And tatts, I'm not against them, but I find Spencer's a bit too "amateurish." The pec medallion is fine, though. And one last caveat: better watch on which end of BeeBoy you sit, Michael, or you might wind up with a venomous barb in your nether regions. (I'd love to see how Alex would handle swelling like that!) TT

  4. I wish I could find more matches with this guy, I haven't found a single one! Might need to make a trip to Australia...

    1. No luck here, either. The Australian feds are quite stingy about free vids.
      The other Michael Spencer ("Amazing") needs to work out more and watch his diet to get himself up to the standards of his Australian counterpart. Anon.

    2. while I do agree that the other Michael Spencer isn't anywhere near as rippling in muscle as his Australian counterpart, he seemed fit enough in the video I watched, pretty skilled at selling too. Wouldn't discount him entirely ;3

    3. I looked pretty hard and couldn't find any matches on him. He does appear on his wrestling bud Unsocial Jordan's vlog quite a bit though. They all seem pretty tight knit and there are quite a few hot guys there.

      I also compiled this doc of all references I could find of him when I was going through my obsessive phase of him:

      Hope someone else finds it useful!

    4. Watching some of those vids that Unsocial Jordan has put up made me realize.. All those guys are pretty damn hot o.o I mean, I know it's Australia, but c'mon, they're gorgeous!

    5. I know right?! I think there are a lot of other Beefcake candidates in there.

      I think Jack Bonza is Beefcake material. Maybe not as much a looker in still pics, but man he is thick and seems forceful in a really hot way in the ring. More vids than most his peers and I only briefly saw this one but he is a presence!

      I think Dan Wilson (Spencer's partner in that homoerotic promo) is pretty hot too. He beats Spencer by having one match online v Sean Kustom.

      There's another guy or two I have yet to ID. Unsocial Jordan himself is quite a handsome fella.

  5. Absolutely adorable!!!

    Another young man for whom I would give up anything, just for the privilege of licking and sucking every inch and orifice of his handsome hot body, kissing that baby-cute face, and gazing into those wistful doe-like eyes.

    (Oops! ... There goes my inner sissy again!)