Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Scorcher

Here's more summertime wrestling with Vic Capri under the hot sun. Even though Capri did not win this match against Buck Nasty, the reigning Funky Munky Wrestling champion (there must have been some kind of DQ because Capri looks like he's killing it), he looks like a winner anyway.


  1. Vic is still looking great, especially that 3rd pic, very masculine with hands on waist. I'd definitely still do him!

    Funny, that first pic reminded me of this pic I saw of Mike Dell here:

  2. He sure does.
    And I'll say it again, I love pro wrestling outside. I think maybe because the bright light usually makes a much better video. Anon.

  3. This match looks AWEsome! I gotta look for the video ... Buck Nasty reminds me a bit of Joey Ryan (and thats a good thing!)

  4. I'm loving Buck Nasty, what a complete piece of man

  5. Bwah-ha-ha, I thought you wrote "boy with the undentable ass," and I was wondering what I was going to see!
    He is "Undeniable" Elliott Paul:

    The other is Christian Rose.

  6. Well "Undeniable" Elliot Paul might have an undeniably undentable ass haha. I think he's beefcake material. Face is on the pretty side. Nice job with the ID!

    1. I've noticed you can find his vids if you search "Elliot Paul," where he is the better-looking half of the tag team the Young Guns. OTOH, as you can see from his FB page, he spells his wrestling name Elliott. Anon.