Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesdays With Tyler

Tyler Bate, that is.


  1. Great mustache! And the rest ain't so bad, either.

  2. Tyler Bate is a magnificent man.

    He is the very definition of youthful sexual macho virility.

    He is handsome, approachable, and has the cleanest, smoothest skin of any wrestler I know.

    Oh ... the sick and twisted things I dream that we could do to each other, inside each other ...

    He is a dream boy that I could cuddle and kiss all day, fuck all night, then lay in quivering ecstasy as he fucks me to submission in return.

    Tyler Bate is a magnificent man!

  3. That last photo of him, standing in the pool, makes me weak in the knees. So weak that I might have to drop to my knees. And kneel before him...

  4. I love when we're on the same page ManFan1, especially on such horrid, horridly luscious things we'd do to this boy.