Saturday, July 9, 2016

Body Shots : The Photo Shoot

Lights! Camera! Flex! It's photo shoot day. Here are ten beefcake wrestlers who styled their hair, oiled their torsos, and did some push-ups for the big day. Who's your favorite?
Danny Duggan (UK)

Matt Sydal

Travis Gordon

Royce Isaacs

Jake McCluskey

Ricky J. McKenzie

Chris Gray

Cam Zagami

Texano Jr.

Chris Ridgeway


  1. Unfair! At least half of them are my favorites. Your question is, therefor, unfair. Thanks for a cherry on top of this Saturday's ice cream sundae! If forced, I'd choose Travis ample areolas/nipples atop his pecs for the bestes. And I would PLEAD with Matt (and Evan) to borrow from Travis a short pr of trunks and wear same. There is simply no known-to-me reason for him purposely to mar his overall appearance with those long tights, especially, Lord help us, powder-blue ones. Barf! TT

  2. Quick reactions:

    Danny Duggan UK: Wow, this man finally got my attention

    Sydal: I'm a lady and usually don't stare at packages. He doesn't even wear trunks. Yet why am I

    Royce Isaacs: Love again on second siting. Las Vegas really has found some hot men.

    Ricky MacKenzie: Yum

    1. Royce, not so much, but I agree with rest of what you wrote.

  3. Eli, totally agree on the British Duggan. I used to happily disregard him when looking for pics or videos of the North American (I think he's Canadian?) Danny Duggan, who used to be kind of a fave but has been looking pretty gross lately. Brit Duggan, on the other hand, seems to have improved tremendously but this is just my initial impression based on that one photo.

    1. When occasionally come across wrestler of different nationalities with the same name, I think: wouldn't it be fun if they faced each other in the ring? Doesn't Duggan vs. Duggan sound like a blast?

    2. I agree on the agreement. Anon.

    3. I love when we agree :). Although of course it's fine when we don't. It's just that it's so nice when we do :).

    4. Yup. I do have a (Ray) Steele vs. Steele match in which the loser had to stop using the last name Steele. Will give you the link if I can find it.
      BTW, this is one of the few pics of Travis Gordon that makes me say: "feh." Anon.