Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Kustom Made

Here are more pics of Australian wrestler "Swagzilla" Sean Kustom. Watch him in a match from September 2015 here (his entrance music is one of my favorites, M83's "Midnight City").


  1. Thanks for the pix, Bruno. Up to your Kustomary standards, I see! I espec. liked the next to last foto, which activated my jobber alert even to the point that I could overlook the teeny-bopper footwear. IMHO he has a good chance to be a successor to some of my favorites: Rhodes, A J, Bourne, Riley, Ziggler, usw. I hope he makes a lot of money before he is "released." TT

  2. He's only had 52 matches in six years. This was his only one in 9/13:

    14.09.2013. Newcastle Pro Wrestling Sean Kustom defeats Hunter Hayes
    NPW #23 @ New Lambton Community Centre in New Lambton, New South Wales, Australia

  3. The match to which Bruno referred us was IMHO excellently fought. TT

  4. These pics definitely got me riled up (thanks Bruno!) but then I saw pic 8. Ok, who is THAT stud in the background??

    1. It took me a while and some persistence, but I have your answer:

      17.10.2015 Newcastle Pro Wrestling NPW Middleweight Title: Sean Kustom (c) defeats Michael Spencer
      NPW #43 @ Charlestown Bowling Club in Charlestown, New South Wales, Australia

    2. Amazing work! Michael Spencer is my new wrestling crush.