Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer When It Sizzles

It's summer and that means shirtless beefcake wrestlers get to wrestle outdoors under the scorching sun.  I sure hope they use sunblock. Here's Joe Coleman going up against an unidentified opponent in a recent outdoor match.


  1. Very nice photos indeed. All these wrestlers are doing it for me this week. Oh I guess it's still early in the week lol.

  2. Joe Coleman has all the right stuff.

    Looks, attitude, charisma, sex, butch, healthy skin ... and in these photos, sexy tights.

    Wishing him the best!

  3. I think the opponent is Cody Deaner. He'd probably look pretty good if he cleaned himself up, but that's his persona. In any case, he makes a good contrast when he wrestles the BB.model types. Here he is against Tyler Tirva. Anon.

  4. I do love contrasts with the typical hot wrestler pecs-and-abs types. Tyler Tirva looks quite different with longer hair. I believe he's a bit slimmer here too if my eyes don't mistake me. Good job with the ID.