Friday, June 16, 2017

Making Some Extra Cash

A couple of days ago, I posted a story on a Thunder's Arena wrestler named Bart who looks uncannily like indie wrestler Adrian Matthews (Can we truly confirm it's him?) In the comments section of said post, a reader wrote to say that indie wrestler Brady Pierce (this week's Muscle Monday beefcake) has also appeared in wrestling videos for Muscleboy Wrestling, a company that, like Thunder's Arena, produces "underground" wrestling content. There, Pierce goes by the name Bo Brady and he's got two videos you can either download or purchase. Check out some images from his page on said site.

Another indie wrestler with a couple of videos in Muscleboy Wrestling is Tracer X who goes by the name Travis Bennett.

The list of indie wrestlers who appear in these productions is growing! Off the top of my head, here are some other beefcake wrestlers who've appeared in BG East, Can-Am Productions, Wrestler4Hire, and the like. If you know of other indie wrestlers who've appeared in similar videos, let us know who they are and what company they've appeared in. (I'm not including wrestlers who've appeared in the now defunct Cyberfights because their matches were like regular wrestling matches.) *TA - Thunder's Arena, *W4H - Wrestler4Hire, *BGE - BG East)

Brian Cage (Brian Cage on TA, Barry Burke on W4H & BGE)
Chris Dickinson (Dirty Daddy on TA, Guido Genatto on BGE & W4H)
Anthony Nese (Maverick on W4H)
Kharn Alexander (KARN on W4H)
Danny Duggan (US) (Caleb Brand on W4H)
Cameron Matthews (Cameron on W4H, as himself on BGE)
Randy Summers (Chet Chastain on W4H & BGE)
Brandon Watts (Alvin James on W4H)
Ace Romero (The Mountain ob W4H)
Caleb Conley (Caleb Klein on W4H)
Cam Zagami (Cam Zagucci on W4H, Luke Lanza on BGE)
Tyler Nitro (Tyler Royce on W4H)
Chasyn Rance (Chase Sinn on W4H)
Jesse Sorensen (Kelly King on W4H & BGE)
Aleksander Chekhov (Lane Hartley on W4H, Hartley on TA)
Marko Estrada (MarkO on W4H)

I'm sure I left out a few more names. Add their names in the Comments section below.


  1. Most fascinating...a comment or request:
    If they wrestle under a different name from their Pro wrestling name, could that name be listed. It would be helpful in looking for them in the underground sites. Many thanks

    1. I've amended the article to include their other name and the company they've appeared in.

  2. TNA wrestler Eli Drake (real name Shawn Ricker) has done videos for BG East as Dick Rick.

  3. Ace Perry goes by Ace Owens on W4H

  4. WWE's Finn Balor wrestled on BGEast as Devil Devitt

    1. That video from 2006 of Devitt wrestling Johnny Firestorm isn't available on BG East anymore. Hmm, did WWE pay BG East to stop selling it, you think?

    2. Very likely Devitt himself asked that BGE stop selling them. Im glad I have both his matches now that they are unavailable.

  5. Brady is at his best when he destroys opponents like he did in his video. Should play the heel in all his matches.

  6. Many thanks for the new list. Very helpful.

  7. Great post Bruno!

    Kudos on your reporting ... I find info like this always intriguing ... RayAtL

  8. Lupe Santiago as Big Lupe