Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Model Life With Antaios

I think we all know it's pretty difficult to make a living solely as an independent professional wrestler.  Many indie wrestlers need day jobs to be able to do what they love when they're not working. Some are firefighters, personal trainers, bouncers, bit actors, and yes, even exotic dancers. Take Antaios. The ex-commando is not only a wrestler with British company Lucha Britannia (a kind of artsy, cabaret-style underground theater experience), he's also an actor and self-described fetish model.

Here are some modelling pics he posted on social media recently.


  1. Speaking of fetishes, the shot of this hunk in a tee and glasses takes care of one of mine. Of course, a shot of him in his glasses without the tee would be even better!

  2. I wonder if he really does have some homosexual tendencies...

    1. Also, 4th pic crotch area. He's packing some serious heat.