Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Leftover Series (Part 1)

What is The Leftover Series? Well, over the years, I've been collecting images of beefcake wrestlers and storing them in Folders and just waiting for the right time to post them. But months and even years have gone by and these virtually forgotten images are still in these Folders. Until today. I've "dusted off" these Saved Images and am uploading them in random fashion here on Beefcakes of Wrestling. There's no theme, no common imagery, nothing that links them to each other. I have dozens of these images so instead of just putting them in the virtual Trash Can of my computer, I'm going to post them on weekends. Enjoy!
Joe Coleman

Tango Timm Wylie (right)

Tyson Dos Santos aka Tyson Furia

Johnny Moss

Elliot Sexton (right)

Mike Bennett

Kay Jutler (Left)

Robbie Dynamite & Rampage Brown

Dan Joseph

Zaid Khan


  1. Huge men in tight trunks is theme enough for me.

    1. I couldn't have put it better myself.

  2. (For a second I thought you were gonna be talking about the HBO series with the hottest of all daddies Justin Theroux.)

    I miss Zaid Khan. All the other wrestlers are still active, I think, although Elliot Sexton matches are hard to come by.

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  4. What a brilliant idea! Thanks, Bruno. Please turn "leftovers" into a weekly event. If given my pick of "leftovers" vs. "caption this," I would wish for "leftovers" every time. TT

    1. There's room for both. I'll post Leftovers on Saturdays and Caption This! on Sundays.

  5. Go Rampage, the best all around athlete who likes to hurt his opponents.