Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Mexx Factor

If you missed seeing Austrian wrestler Mexx here on Beefcakes of Wrestling, it's because I thought he had retired from wrestling last year. Turns out, he hasn't. Mexx took some time off from the squared circle, but made a comeback in December 2016. And boy, did he make a comeback! He's already held 4 titles since the year began : New European Wrestling (NEW) Tag Team Champion (with Adrian Severe), NEW Heavyweight Champion, NEW Intercontinental Champion, and Ultimate Kombat Wrestling Association Champion. What a guy!


  1. Great to see Mexx again. I had been wondering. Turns out that I know someone locally who is "the spittin' image" of Mexx, even when his shirt is off. Alas, he is a heroin addict--my acquaintance, not Mexx--at least not insofar as I know. Maybe because of the physical association of my sad friend with Mexx, I have a soft spot for the Austrian wrestler. Whatever, since Mexx "came into my [fantasy] life," Vic Capri has been eclipsed! tt

  2. Glad to see Mexx is back, hopefully tougher, meaner and more dominant.