Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wrestling Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Today's post is (drumroll, please)...chocolate-themed. Chocolate as in that delicious, often sweet, usually brown food preparation made from cacao seeds. How did chocolate make it onto a blog about the Beefcakes of Wrestling? A couple of weeks ago, I watched a video of YouTube of a Japanese wrestler named Mr. Cacao. The video was a compilation of his interviews and matches (watch it here); I had never heard of him before so I did a little online sleuthing (thanks, Google!) and what I found surprised me. The 5'11", 195 lb. native of Kyoto, Japan is now 51 years old according to Cagematch Wrestler's Database. He has 17 years of pro wrestling experience and wrestled for several promotions. Before moving to Mexico and becoming a luchador, Mr. Cacao (also known as Macho Pump) wrestled without a mask in his native country of Japan. Here are some pics of him throughout his career. (You can watch a video in Japanese titled "The Story Of Mr. Cacao" here.)
This pic was uploaded to his Instagram account in February.
He looks amazing at 51!

Mr. Cacao is not just a wrestler, but an actor and wrestling
promoter as well. I read somewhere that he owns and
operates the Fukumenya-Lobo wrestling company.

Without the mask circa early 2000s?

Moving on, we have a second Japanese wrestler with a chocolate-themed name. I found the pics below and some videos of this man a couple of years ago, but didn't know how to create a post about him...until now. Chocoball Mukai. Mukai became a pro wrestler in 1999, but that was just his side career at the time. His real job? Acting in straight porn movies. In fact, his name Chocoball "stems from the resemblance of his dark brown scrotum to Chocoball candy" (source: Wikipedia). He was once arrested for performing a live sex act in a Tokyo sex club and when asked why he did it, he replied "It's my job." He retired from pro wrestling in 2006, but his matches can still be found on YouTube. You can see him in action here, here, and here (watch his opponents ram a steel ladder into his Chocoballs in the latter). This is the very first video of him that I watched. If anyone knows where I can watch the entire match, please let me know.

I guess that's a penis pump he's endorsing.

Lastly, here's American independent wrestler Brandon Watts, the Chocolate to Randy Summer's Milk in the tag team Milk Chocolate. Watch him in action against beefy Rex Lawless here.

With tag team partner Randy Summers.

With opponent Rex Lawless.

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  1. As a HUGE fan of Japanese wrestlers, I am ashamed that I never once heard of or seen Mr. Cacao before. Thank you for opening my eyes to the greatness of this wrestler. I believe he might just dethrone Suguru Miyatake as my favorite Japanese wrestler.
    On Chocoball Mukai, seen him wrestle before but never knew he was a porn star too. While he does have the type of physique I'm usually attracted to (not too ripped or beefy) he just doesn't capture my attention like others.