Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Smooth vs Furry

Some leave it on. Some shave (or wax) it off. I'm referring to body hair on a beefcake wrestler. Longtime contributor and good friend of this blog, David, emailed me a set of photos he took at a NXT event he attended featuring two sets of "smooth vs furry" matches. Our first match features Drew McIntyre (and his light fur) facing off against Andrade "Cien" Almas with the smooth torso. Click here to watch one of their older matches.

Our second smooth vs furry match is between Roderick Strong and Steve Cutler. This was actually a tag team match, but Strong and Cutler faced off for most of the match. Granted, Cutler is only semi-furry, but he's let his chest hair (not to mention his beard) grow out and he looks different  compared to what he looked like earlier this year (for reference, check out his January match against Strong here). So do you take sides in a "smooth vs furry" match? Tell us with whom. Thanks to David for these awesome shots!


  1. It depends on how it makes the guy look. I generally prefer the smooth look. McIntrye and Cutler look better smooth (Cutler should go back to wearing briefs like Strong and McIntrye). Whereas Rollins looks better with a bit of hair. Neville, Nese, Roode all look great being smooth and would look terrible if hairy.

  2. Some chest hair is usually better than no chest hair. Cutler and McIntyre both look better with it.