Thursday, June 8, 2017


After his brief stint competing in WWE's Cruiserweight Classic where he wrestled as Clement Petiot, French wrestler Tristan Archer is back in Europe and wowing his fans like never before. And you know what? He looks better than ever!

Archer posts a lot of workout selfies on his social media accounts and it's obvious the body part he's most proud of is his pecs. My friend who runs the Pectease website will get a kick out of this batch of photos.
Archer and a workout buddy.

I didn't crop this photo. This is what he posted. 


  1. Holy— yeah, Tristan for sure knows how to tease. At this point he has to be doing it on purpose.

  2. Tristan does it all, whether face or heel, he succeeds and gives the fans their money's worth. Keep it up Tristan.

  3. Yeah, he's a hot lil mothafucka. He seems super cocky too, which works for him.

  4. WOOF !!! Cute-Hot-Body of Death...all rolled into one !

  5. Recently caught him in action and he actually enjoyed pummeling his opponent, different side of him that worked.