Monday, June 12, 2017

Muscle Monday : Brady Pierce

The last time American independent wrestler Brady Pierce was featured on this blog was back in May 2015 and if you compare what he looked like then to what he looks like these days, I think you'd be amazed. To say Brady has been working out would be an understatement. The guy looks fantastic. Go check out his last post here and see for yourself. Watch him in action in this match which was uploaded to YouTube last month.


  1. Hey Brady, Make up your mind, are you a face or a heel?

  2. Nice to see that Pierce has returned from the dead. His matches had become more infrequent (at least those that found their way onto YouTube) -- I had kinda given up and hadn't searched him in a long time so I was unaware of this new match. He's still got it.

    His match vs. Mike Dennis still gives me a total boner.

    1. JD, have you seen this match vs Gunner? - Clomoscow

  3. Agree on the Dennis match. After that I never found another with Brady at that promotion.
    OTOH, since last June I have found at least 8 or 9 matches of Brady's online, which isn't too shabby. Anon. One just popped up a few hours ago: (fuzzy) (tag team)

  4. The mask is reminiscent of what Mexx was wearing. Mmmmm Mexxx ... now that was a hot wrestler

  5. HOLY SCHIT !!!! What a magnificent looking man ! LOVE the Beard. Heel or Jobber? Hopefully a Jobber, as I would die to watch him getting worked over by some Big Beefy Heel.....YUM !!!