Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Atlas Unbound

It's the middle of the week and for no reason at all, here are a few pics of French wrestler/bodybuilder/model Jo Atlas. The last photo may be blurred, but you can still see Jo's -- ahem -- magnificent physique.
Jo the model

Jo the pro wrestler

Jo the bodybuilder

Jo the ??? (fill in the blank)


  1. Bigger is not always better. I love his face but the body is way overdone.

  2. Well... I know that I (for one) could NEVER get too much of a GREAT thing! Jo can NEVER be TOO BIG for me!

    "YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! JO' S AWESOME BUMMY AND TUMMY"...AND his SPECTACULARLY BULGING COCK, TOO...I just HAD to "SQUEEZE" that LAST part in there...even though it DOESN'T rhyme at ALL... AND it throws a REAL "MONKEY WRENCH" into the meter of the rhyme. THEN AGAIN...WHO GIVES A DAMN! JO's FRICKIN' HOTTTTTTT! :D

  3. How 'bout..."JO, THE TENTING MUSCLE-MO!"

    (Well...I LOVE it!)

  4. Love the pics of him! He is huge in all departments and looks great in those rubber shorts!

  5. I don't think there's anything overdone about this man! He is proportionate (and, as has been said already) freakin' HOT!