Monday, November 28, 2011

Paul Roma Gets A Hug

A bearhug that is. Watch late 80s/1990s musclestud Paul Roma being squeezed by a beefy Russian heel here.


  1. Wish i was hugging Paul like that LOL

  2. Paul Roma was and is one of the greatest musclehunks of all time. I'd love to give him a hug to thanks him for hours and wrestling pleaseure and for that fantastic body of his!!

    1. Sure it was hours of "wrestling" pleasure, Neil..? ;)

  3. Anyone got anything on Jim Brunzell of the AWA? Saw him on top of his opponent's rear, hard as a rock, grinding away. Shaft, head, and balls were all visibly outlined. Next time he was obviously wearing a jock! Tommy Jammer was also hot: frequently kept his legs spread, kicking up and down, the frequent recipient of painful hairpulls and nipple twists. Suffered and protested beautifully, in the mode of Z-Man. Also, towards its end, the AWA was "wired for sound," and you could practically cum just listening to the guys grunt, groan, and moan: anybody else remember that? Please share -- and post!

  4. Love the fourth shot down: looks like Paul just had an orgasm that was just over...