Monday, November 21, 2011

Beefcakes in Black

Who agrees with me in thinking black is the hottest color for ring gear?
CJ Westler

Prince Devitt

Ted DiBiase Jr.

Alex Riley

Sylvain Grenier

Seth Allen

Lucky Cannon (formerly Johnny Prime)



  1. I'm with you on that Bruno! As they say in Chicago, real MEN wear black.

  2. Ted Dibiase, Sheamus, and and Alex Riley are the best and look awesome in black.

  3. Black is definitely hot, but there are some exceptions, IMO: I love AJ Styles' colorful tights (just wish they were colorful trunks instead), and Jessie Godderz should never switch from those beautiful blue trunks of his.

  4. Black is great not sure its my fav however as long as they are shiny they always get my attention.

  5. Alex Wright at his prime wrestled once or twice in black and it was heaven. Then he went bright orange and lime green. Ugh.

  6. I remember Alex Wright also wearing red which wasn't as migraine-inducing as those traffic cone orange and lime green "granny panties" he used to wrestle in.

  7. I'm curious. What is everybody's color preference for TOM ZENK's wrestling trunks? While with Ricky Martel in the Can-Am Connection, they both wore white...WHITE HOT! I also recall a match in which Z-Man was rolled up into a tight ball and his LIME GREEN trunks were wedgied so far up his ass crack, that he'd nearly experienced a "wardrobe malfunction" of the most fant-"ASS"-tic kind! His legendary "package" had nearly come unwrapped too! He's worn peachy/apricot colored trunks, baby blues...and... yes...even BLACK; like in that ring match when ARN ANDERSON reached his hand down inside the front of Z-Man's trunks during a three-on-one ring attack. He was likely just checkin' to see what all the fuss was about, I guess. The incriminating "still" can be found all over the net. I prefer my BIG, MUSCULAR, hairy-chested heel wrestlers to wear with a BLACK speedo or BLACK ankle-length tights. And a sexy, black mask would be a wonderful, unexpected BONUS! (Oh YEAH!!!)

  8. Thanks for the idea, Mike. I think I'll do a Tom Zenk ring gear survey soon.