Friday, November 25, 2011

Conway On Display

Remember WWE's Rob Conway? He was one-half of the tag team Le Resistance with Sylvain Grenier (after Rene Dupree left). Rob is focusing on his bodybuilding career these days and, if I'm not mistaken, still wrestles in the independent scene every now and then. Here are pics of Rob competing in a recent physique competition (thanks to J for the link); I've also included some archive pics below.

Rob the Wrestler

With Sylvain Grenier and Rick Martell

Rob with his shirt on...

...and off.


  1. He is super good looking but why in a competition would he be wearing boardies? Doesnt show off his amazing body

  2. The bst part of La Resistance, and the subject of a lot of my dreams! Remember when he was the Conman, and used Randy Newman's "Just Look at Me" as his entrance music? And believe me, I was!

  3. Yeah, I agree with you Leatherpigboy. He does have a rocking bod. Needs less clothing, but it is a physique competition, though don't know the difference exactly. He is gorgeous.

  4. The reader who emailed me the link to these pictures said that in a physique competition, the contestants wear board shorts while in a bodybuilding competition, the contestants wear posing briefs. I think contestants should wear posing briefs no matter what type of contest they're in.

  5. Hey Conway try training legs. Especially calves. Obviously using the sauce so well see u once ur off.