Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sit Up and Pay Attention

Thanks to the newest batch of subscribers to the Beefcakes of Wrestling channel on YouTube (xandert1, you were the 200th person to subscribe). The latest addition to the channel is a 60 second clip of one of this blog's favorite beefcakes, Tony Nese, cutting a promo for a May 2011 appearance with  NYWC. Not content with just talking directly to the camera, Nese does sit-ups while delivering his spiel. Check it out here. (Thanks to reader Gabe for the original link to this video.)


  1. INTENSE eyes! What a GREAT looking guy!

  2. I just love his voice. He's just...yeah, no complaints here!

  3. Yeah. I agree; Nese eyes, Nese voice, Nese abs...Nese EVERYTHING!!