Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vic Capri's Back

Here's the second installment of photos taken by regular contributor Jim from Chicago featuring Vic Capri. Jim writes: "Last month Mitch Blake, a POWW wrestler,  honored his longtime friend, Vic Capri with a plaque. Moments later Vic smashed it across Blake's head busting open the superhero. Capri continued to beatdown Blake until help arrived.  Capri, who was invited by Blake to Fox Lake, Illinois, was escorted out of the building by security. And so this past Saturday at POWW's WrestleRage IX a match between Blake and Capri was arranged.  Unfortunately, Mitch wears face paint that seems to prefer adhering to a hot muscled sweaty body.  Vic ended up covered in makeup and losing the match." Like Jim, I hope this won't be Vic Capri's last appearance in the ring. He's a hot heel who deserves to be seen by the whole world. Thanks, Jim for these awesome images. More Vic Capri pics coming soon!



  1. "Vic Capri's Back," and then that first picture--that was funny! (I hope he sticks around, too.)

  2. WOW! I'm SO glad to see Vic's back...and his FRONT's pretty HOT too! And check out his SEXY black trunks. They WOULD look a lot better scrunched up into a little pile around his ankles, but for now...I can "LIVE" with seeing them stretched TIGHTLY around Vic's MAGNIFICENTLY muscled GLUTES! (Yummm!) In my NEXT life...I sure wouldn't mind BEING Vic's wrestling trunks...but then again, spandex isn't "ALIVE". O.K. How about a small crab clinging to one of his groin hairs just inside those trunks! HEAVEN!

    1. Be nice if he posed naked occasionally for the camera. He is so fucking beautiful!

  3. Damn i am glad he is back he is too damn sexy to not be in the public eye!