Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Persian Beefcake (Part 1)

Here's another great batch of photos from Beefcakes of Wrestling's regular contributor Jim from Chicago featuring "Persian Powerhouse" Milad Akkbar. Jim attended Wrestlerage IX last November 12 at Villa Park, Illinois and shot Milad in a five-on-five tag team match. "Milad's team lost the match when the "Persian Powerhouse" himself was pinned by Hardcore Craig," writes Jim. As usual, Jim's work is awesome! Thanks, Jim and keep 'em coming. (See part 2 of this feature tomorrow.)

Here's Milad entering the ring in his pre-match get-up.


  1. WOW another new one to me but he is Friggin HOT

  2. What a PURRRfect Persian! Grrrrrrr! MIlad can be "MY" lad ANYTIME/ANYWHERE! I love that fourth "pic" of Milad, positioned in front of his partner's bulging crotch, as if it were a submarine's periscope! ("UP" PERISCOPE!)