Thursday, November 3, 2011

Luck Of The Irish

Stephen Farrelly, better known to his WWE fans as Sheamus, has something most other professional wrestlers don't have -- skin like alabaster. Seriously, his skin is so pale, it looks like it's glowing from within. To keep his skin as pure as the driven snow, the 33 year old, 6 ft. 4 in. 267 pounder from Ireland covers himself up from neck to toe whenever he goes outdoors -- especially during the summer. But when he's in the ring, there's no need to cover up any of that beef. Awesome, am I right? (And have I ever mentioned that I find gingers hot?)

Chalk-white Sheamus vs Orangey Orton

Pre-WWE Sheamus

Gotta cover up that skin!


  1. There's a comic about Sheamus' complexion I found online...

    I especially love the contrast when Sheamus fights particularly tanned people, like Orton, Dolph, and John Morrison!

  2. He is one sexy guy! Love his accent too. He looks great in his trunks.