Monday, April 1, 2013

A Wylie One

Here's British wrestler Timm Wylie (aka Wylie) in a match against Rob Erts held last December in Liverpool. If you look closely at Wylie's left hand, you'll notice he only has three fingers. You think that ever stopped him from wrestling and winning his matches? Think again! Go, Wylie, go! (Photos by Tony Knox)

Awesome hip dents!


  1. He's gorgeous! Great trunks on him too. And what a bod!

  2. P.S. I think his left hand looks cool, but wasn't sure if it was politically correct to say so.

  3. Love the pic. of Erts punishing Wylie on the ropes, being Wylie is suffering so beautifully. But, the shot of Wylie with his leg across Erts Neck / Throat is incredible. Erts obviously has no chance of getting up, BUT.. is Wylie Punishing Erts hand & fingers as he keeps him on the mat? From the look on Erts face, it seems to me Wylie is doing some twisting and bending work.