Monday, April 15, 2013

Beefcakes In Action

Brad Maddox

Sylvain Grenier

Brian Nelson

Shawn Daivari

Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal

Bad Bones and Adrian Severe

Mike Mondo gets his face rubbed into the mat.

Brad Maddox and Sheamus


  1. Maddox, Grenier, Severe, Nelson, Elgin and Mondo
    oh, you know how to keep us boys entertained!

    btw - anyone know the hot guy shawn deivari is getting to grips with in pic#4?

  2. I love the Brad Maddox photos, I hope we see him wrestling again soon. I miss seeing that body in those tight trunks

  3. Curtindo muito lutador de sunga Michel Serdan?

    Sim, BOB JR., eu amo tos eles.

    Eu e minha esposa Aidinha.