Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Starr Treatment

Here are more pics of American indie wrestler David Starr courtesy of a good friend of this blog. For a heel, Starr certainly sells his "suffering" really well.

Applying oil on a wrestler...is this a real job? Where do I apply?


  1. This guy is beautiful and so sexy, he could be a model but I'm glad he decided to be a wrestler.
    I wish I was the ref in the last photo, I think my hand would wander

  2. He's cute, but I'm not impressed with him covering up his legs, thighs, and ass. What's with the Victorian wrestling gear? Show some skin, dude!

  3. He should never wrestle in tights, I will gladly go to him and remove them anytime he wears them!!

    But both tights and trunks, how amazing is that arse. It looks like it is going to pop right out of those tights!

    ps. He reminds me of sexy french wrestler Tristan Archer in these suffering photos, especially the next the last one