Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Big Welsh Beefcake

A good friend and regular contributor to this blog, David, emailed me these pics he recently took of big Welsh beefcake Mason Ryan. Thanks for these great shots, David! Can't wait to see which WWE NXT beefcake you'll shoot next.


  1. INCREDIBLE to say the least. His body is one to definately drool over, but my argument is..Cut the long hair !! Open up your face, show your fans just how good--looking you are. Must say this, nice to see in the pic's above, Barri getting worked over and punished by the beefy, barefooted guy. Hot Body Boy being worked over, especially the shot where Barri is on his knee's and the Beefy Heel is right behind him, ready to give him more....YUM!

    1. I agree, he is an amazing looking wrestler - but I find the long hair spoils it (take note Mr McIntyre!)
      Hope WWE gets him back on our screens soon and gives him a push, I would rather watch him out muscling opponents than the likes of Mark Henry, Ryback, Big Show etc.

  2. Mason, don't listen! Leave your long hair! There are SO MANY short haired wrestlers it's not even funny! You just keep rocking that barbarian look for me. 'kay, thanks, bye.