Friday, April 5, 2013

Going On A Rampage

The Free Online Dictionary defines the word rampage as "a course of violent, frenzied behavior or action." Violent and frenzied can be used to describe British heel Rampage Brown's (here seen crushing his much younger opponent Josh Bodom) style of wrestling. This match was held last December for British Wrestling Premier League. I love how the promoters pitted a bigger, more experienced heel like Brown against a baby-faced wrestler like Bodom. Poor Josh, I wonder if he even stood a chance. (Photos by Tony Knox)

Brown's trunks may be too small, don't you think?

Oh come on! Leave the poor kid alone!


  1. The young guy Josh is so sexy, I just want to help the poor defeated stud.

  2. Wow, I love Rampage. Sorry to disagree, but I don't think his trunks are too small at all and I don't want him to leave the poor kid alone! ;)

    Thanks for the awesome pics!

    1. Josh does look hot when he is getting demolished in the ring.

      Recently he was wrestling against a 350lb monster in the ring
      - Josh is 185lb so seeing young Josh get crushed by a guy nearly twice his size was very 'entertaining' to watch!

  3. Big fan of Josh Bodom, he looks even more buff in real life. He is one of the most exciting young talents in UK wrestling.

  4. Rampage Brown is one of the sexiest wrestling hunks today. He is a macho bull stud, with hair, meaty muscle, big balls, and cocky attitude. I'm in love - nothing else to say. ( sigh! )

  5. Agree that Rampage Brown is one hot massive wrestling stud. Would love to see his big hairy legs wrapped around a writhing opponent.