Friday, April 12, 2013

All Riled Up About Riley

Where is Alex Riley? Floundering on NXT? What happened to his stint with RAW (or was it Smack Down)? So he made an appearance on Wrestlemania 29 Axxess (in a match against another beefcake who's all but disappeared from television - Mason Ryan)...that's just not enough! We need to see him every week! Come on, WWE, get your act together. Watch Riley's Wrestlemania 29 Axxess interview here. (So I wonder if it's true that the reason Riley is out of RAW/Smack Down is because he stood up to John Cena when Cena wasn't being nice to him.) 

Hurrah! Riley won!


  1. I could not agree more. The same could be said for Mason Ryan and Ted Dibiase. WWE has all these great young talents that are never/rarely used. I'd much rather see these guys weekly than someone like the Undertaker being wheeled out for his annual appearance at Wrestlemania or have a part-time Champion like The Rock who just uses his wrestling connections to promote his latest movie. Guys like Riley, Mason and DiBiase are very talented and we need to see them more frequently.

    1. Totally agree! Can't believe someone else feels the same way about people like Undertaker and the Rock. I know that Mason Ryan, Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley are the people *I* wanna see!

  2. I agree Neil - Alex, Mason and Ted should be given a push more - the WWE needs to show these more realistic and believable wrestlers.

    These are a great selection of pics, but I really love the last few with his messed up hair / 'just outta bed' look - hmm, now thats a thought... :-)

  3. Aw, Mason Ryan lost to Alex Riley?!