Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Going To Be A Dance-Off!

So Fandango (formerly known as Johnny Curtis) got his (jazz) hands on William Regal and beat the living daylights out of him...but wait! Who's that sneaking up on Fandango after the match? Aha! Looks like a new feud is about to erupt between the two "dancers." (Photos courtesy of WWE.com)

Uh-oh! It's Chris Jericho!

The former Dancing With The Stars contestant shows 'em how it's done.


  1. In terms of sexiness, Fandango wins this feud hands down!

    (And it just now occurs to me, I don't think I fully understand the "hands down" expression.)

  2. I think the guy is hot and can wrestle from when he was Johnny Curtis, but this is just a big gimmick that went on too long before it was finished.

    I would prefer to see him now just take the beating from men and be hot DOWN

  3. Faaaan Daaaaan Gooo is just so damn hot!
    I miss the trunks and NXT-era Johnny, but the dance moves, the gyrating, the new moves in the ring and the sexy voice makes WWE so hot to watch right now.

    We were going crazy for him in the UK... hope he returns soon (I've a few sights i'd love to show him!!)