Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strong Hold

Here's Roderick Strong in Ring Of Honor's Supercard of Honor VII show held on April 5 in Manhattan Center, New York. Strong's opponent was Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson who took the match with a pinfall. (Photos by Scott Finkelstein)


  1. I know this sounds foolish, but we seem to haves passed from an era when most winners in wrestling had hot physiques (I said MOST) to one in which a well-muscled body and a handsome face translates OFTEN to "loser". Both extremes are unrealistic. I seem to see this trend in every wrestling franchise, some more than others. I'm sorry, but I'm not fond of guys like Anderson and I think they have an excess of victories. And it seems to make little difference if the sexy guy is heel or hero. They have too little chance of winning. Have we decided that because most of us have beer-guts that our dominant wrestlers should, too?

  2. He isn't the biggest,
    He isn't the most toned,
    He hasn't the biggest arse,

    but Roderick is so damn handsome and has some great killer moves in the ring.
    I always find watching him, so hot!

  3. Almatolmen, Re: you comment above..Yes, much of what you say is indeed very true, as sad it may be. But, for the many of us who follow Pro Wrestling and Love it as we do, The fantacy of watching a goodlooking guy, ripped body and all, get worked over and punished by that of what you call "Beer-Gut-Dominant" is probably ( remember-probably ) what 98% of fans WANT to see. Arn Anderson, a major Heel with a MAJOR following, far from ripped and by far not a G/Q model, but his gimmick and the way he worked in the ring, made him a huge star. Fans LOVED him. Tommy Angel, nice body, incredible face, Arn wrestled him multi times and always won. The crowd went wild every single time. The promotions see this and know what the fans want. Bad vs Good with the latter always on the loosing end. It all comes down to what is going to make $$$ for them, and in a nutshell, KEEP Pro Wrestling alive. So I say, KUDOS to the thick Beer Gut Heels and the Hotties that take the beatings, so as to Keep the millions of us wrestling fans interested.

  4. It really does sound “foolish” … I am a fan of both of these men.
    Karl Anderson is muscle and power and has been in this game for as long as Roddy … I cant wait to buy the dvd of this match. Anderson has ‘victories’ because he is experienced and powerful. Roderick has equally had a long run of wins…
    If you want ‘dominant’ wrestlers who are handsome and chiseled forever, then the WWE can serve that up to you handily.

  5. Strong being pinned by big dominant Anderson I am sure was a hot match. Anderson looks like he could put Strong in his right place.

  6. Actually, the WWE is one of the biggest proponents of what I criticize. At least in TV matches the proportion of wins for very fit and handsome guys is WAY DOWN, heel or hero.

    I've never quite understood the "guys like us" syndrome, which used to apply in porn as well. If I'm identifying with a performer in either field, I'd rather see someone hotter than me. Otherwise I could go to some local bar to get my fix of fantasy.

    And let's not pretend, management shapes the scenarios and does its best to do the same to fan tastes.

    Which is how trends change. They used to (over)promote the superfit, now there going overboard in the other direction.

    Don't forget my qualifiers like most and often. There are exception to the one rule now as there were exceptions to the former rule.

    I just wish that the see-saw wasn't so extreme. There's always changes and fluctuations, but IMO, they swing too widely.

    Also, the modern sport has wandered too far from from the basic morality tale inherent to the drama. Yes, the dishonorable will win sometimes, but in the end victory, on the whole, goes to the honorable. That's the deal. That's the balance.

    It's why I don't get those who cheer for the villains and regard the heroes as so much meat to be ground up. Again, that's ultimately a management script choice.