Friday, April 26, 2013

Four Years Ago This Month...

Justin Gabriel was being groomed for WWE; back then, he was part of the roster of Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Here he is pre-Nexus and pre-RAW, sans the facial hair, but in his trademark daring little "speedos" (with exposed flesh no less!). These photos are from the archives of regular contributor and good friend of this blog, Jim from Chicago, who says he took these shots in April 2009. Thanks for sharing these great pics with us, Jim!


  1. Where did those trunks go?
    He needs to bring them back!

    I havn't seen him grappling another guy with the view of extra flesh and the added excitement(/hope) of those loosely held together trunks being ripped off.

    Im off to check youtube
    - I might be gone a while :)

  2. He had a match in these that you can find on youtube versus Lance Hoyt (Vance Archer) and 1 clip of the trunks get loose.

    Please more photos in this attire.